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Essay Writing Tutorial

Learn the fundamentals of writing good essays with this Essay Writing Tutorial. Our tutorial includes numerous examples and excerpts from actual essays to help you quickly pick up the necessary writing techniques. This is a quick, easy to use, "How To" guide to essay writing.

Types of Essays: Essay Styles

If you're not sure what kind of essay to write, you can use this handy list of essay styles. This essay tutorial uses argumentative paper examples, but the same principles can be used in other essay types as well.

Creating An Outline for Your Essay

A good essay begins with the outline. This tutorial lesson shows how you can quickly create outlines for assigned essays and in-class exams. Sample outline examples are included.

The Essay Thesis - The Framework of Your Essay

Whether you are writing a high school essay or college argumentative paper, the quality of your essay is largely determined by your thesis statement. This is because your thesis informs whoever is grading your paper what your essay is about. Therefore, it is important you be clear and precise. This tutorial lesson includes sample thesis statements from actual assignments.

Draw the Reader in - The Essay Introduction

The introduction paragraph in a high school or college argumentative essay is one of the hardest to write. In some cases, many students wait until they're done with the rest of the essay before they write an introduction. Get help in writing your essay introduction in this tutorial lesson.

Writing Essay Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs in a high school or college essay are used to support your argument. Since they make up the bulk of your essay, it's important to have body paragraphs that not only argue your point, but are easy to read and use good transitions. This tutorial lesson includes example body paragraphs from an actual college essay assignment.

Using Quotations in Your Essay

When writing a high school or college essay, it's important to find strong and relevant quotations that will make your paper stand out. But many students often have trouble integrating their quotes into their essay itself. This tutorial lesson will provide examples of standard quoting and an innovative alternative technique.

On the Other Hand: Essay Counter-Arguments And Rebuttals

Rebuttal, or counter-argument, paragraphs are more often found in college term papers, however they may be used in high school argumentative essays. In this segment of our writing guide we explain the concept and provide a sample of a counter-argument rebuttal paragraph.

The Essay Conclusion: Create a Great Ending

The conclusion paragraph is one of the most difficult to write in either high school or college essays. Learn how to write a dynamic conclusion that will push your essay to the next level - with a sample example of an effective essay conclusion.

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