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About EssaybyExample

Learn how to use EssaybyExample, our policies, and how we help students through the writing process.

About Us

EssaybyExample is dedicated to helping students master the writing process. Our free essay writing tutorial and free sample essays are designed to help high school and college students become more confident and skillful writers. The writing tutorial uses proven strategies employed by writing tutors on college campuses.

How to use this site

EssaybyExample seeks to help students become better writers by providing a diverse body of sample papers and essay assignments. Writing a paper can be difficult for many students - but student feedback suggests that the writing process becomes easier after they have seen a sample. When students have seen a sample, they have a better idea how to organize their thoughts into a coherent, thoughtful piece.

EssaybyExample encourages students to study its diverse collection of student-written pieces to better understand the writing process. By examining our free sample papers, students can see how other students have approached various writing styles with our sample comparative essays and example argumentative papers and subjects like our sample English literature papers or example Art, Music and Film essays. Finally, by studying a sample, students can craft their own unique topics with confidence.

A word on plagiarism

It may be tempting to copy and paste from our free samples and claim the work as your own. But copying and pasting or paraphrasing someone else's work without giving them credit is plagiarism. The sample essays are the property of EssaybyExample and are provided to help students learn how to write better, not to write their essay for them.

While it is difficult, if not impossible for us to prevent copy-paste plagiarism, you should be warned that the sample essays on EssaybyExample have likely been indexed by Turnitin.com, which checks for plagiarism in student papers. Thus, if you copy and paste an essay from us, you will be caught.

The best solution is to cite EssaybyExample as your source if you wish to quote from us. Learn more about how to spot plagiarism and properly cite your sources.

Share your essay

If you found EssaybyExample helpful, please consider sharing your essay to help other students master the writing process.

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