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Essay Resources - Essay Writing Help and Tips

Essential essay writing help and resources for the college or high school student. Grammar Help, Essay Topics, Writing Styles, Avoiding Plagiarism, Writing Help, Writing Examples.

Essay Topic Ideas

Dozens of examples of possible essay topics, grouped by the style or type of essay. Ideas are available for argumentative essays, cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays, controversial essays, informative essays, narrative essays and persuasive essays. For example, some topics in the argumentative essay category: "Stay Out Of My Room"; "Social Security R.I.P."; "Abolish Homework" and many more topics to choose from. From essaytopicideas.com.

Tips For Improving Essays

A number of extra touches and tips - ways to improve your essay, and your grade! Among the tips discussed are: compare and contrast; avoid personalization; extra essay research; avoid hyperbole. From kimberlychapman.com.

Examples of Good and Bad Essay Writing

Illustrates writing techniques through examples of bad essay writing! Excerpts from essays of several first-year students, many of which illustrate that practices. For example: bad grammar examples, awkward wording examples, sloppy writing examples, hyperbole are among the poor writing examples provided. From kimberlychapman.com.

Poetry Quotations - Correct Ways to Quote Poetry

an excellent resource for guiding you through the tricky minefield of poetry quotations. Here are guidelines for quoting poetry, intermixed with poetry excerpts with samples of taking quotes from that excerpt. Excellent poetry quote examples. From karolus.net.

Quick Tips For Critiquing A Novel

Concise short instructions and examples for how to write a critique of a novel. If your essay is due tomorrow, and you need to absorb some tips and techniques quickly, this is the resource for you. Included are two free sample essays reviewing a novel and illustrating essay paper best practices. From Ms. Smith's English Page.

Bibliography Style Guidelines

Concise, to the point examples of how to write bibliographies. The major bibliography styles are covered here with examples: MLA style, APA style, Chicago Manual of Style, CBE Style. Useful samples for handling the key types of bibliographies. From bibliographywrite.com

Extensive Grammar Frequently Asked Questions

Thorough and varied grammar FAQ that lets you quickly look up answers to sticky essay grammar issues. Find answers to grammar questions such as: "I or me", "Commas and Periods Inside Quotations", "Who or Whom", "semicolon use" and dozens of additional examples. From drgrammar.org.

Grammar Quiz: Test Your Grammatical Knowledge

See if your knowledge of grammar is up to snuff with this quick and easy 10 question quiz. Learn by your mistakes - the correct answers are nicely explained upon completion of the test. From syntaxis.com.

Good Grammar Index

Detailed and diverse correct grammar resource organized alphabetically. Grammar topics include: compound sentences; paragraphs; dangling modifiers; dependent clauses; infinitives, etc. From grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/

Writing Literary Essay Analysis

Focusing on the specific issues cropping up in literary paper analysis. Packed with advice on such topics as: organizing the literary essay; tips on what to cover in your paper; essay style; mechanics; documentation and quoting, correction symbols and abbreviations, and more. From wmich.edu.

Plagiarism - Examples and How to Avoid

Excellent concise guide to plagiarism and how to avoid it. Starting with the original text, a series of written summaries follow, beginning with obvious plagiarism, continuing on with subtle, accidental - but still plagiaristic writing samples - and concluding with an acceptable written summary that does not plagiarize. Useful for any student. From webster.commnet.edu.

Just for Fun - The Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Contest

The famous bad writing contest where entries consist of a single sentence. The web site states "where www means wretched writers welcome". An unlimited number of entries (one contestant submitted 3000 entries!) is possible, but all must only be one sentence long. Tongue-in-cheek fun. From bulwer-lytton.com.

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